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Hello, I'm Abhika, a professional Designer based on US

New Delhi bred. New York based. I work with my hands, and eat with them too. (Materials are a toy shop and I am a toddler with reckless abandon).

My mother is a classically trained Mohiniyattam (മോഹിനിയാട്ടം) dancer. She speaks the languages of mythology and movement. My father is a culinary entrepreneur. Through food as a catalyst, he activates service as an essential tenet of culture. My sister and I were raised by individuals who fought (and hard) to help us explore our own foundations in what it means to embody the ‘feminine’, ‘feminist’, ‘indian’, ‘intersectional’; what it means to uphold strength and vulnerability as synonymous virtue; what it means to find our rhythms passing rotis around the dinner table.

Abhika (अभिका) translates to ‘fearless’. I am intrigued by cultural fetishisation as pertaining to Southeast-Asian genealogy, and my practice often investigates the romanticisation of the heavyweight realities of tradition. Labour rituals as meditative practices, Western consumer culture as it rebrands religious motifs, and the intersections of these phenomenon find a home in my work.

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Through gaining experience in various economic periods team able to identify the best opportunities.